Technical Specifications


V. Vasilatos ABETE uses wood that is three layers laminated dried at 12o moisture, supplied from German Companies directly from the producer. The type of wood that is used to produce the windows are IROCO and NIAGON.


The high quality of the frame is achieved thanks to our expertise and modern equipment. The IV-68 series offers the best waterproofing for wooden frames. Our company uses “OERTLY” cutting tools, which are among the best in the field. We use German "WEING" machinery, which produces precision tenons with one hundredth of a millimeter tolerance. We also use high-endurance D4 adhesives.


All the paints are 3rd generation water based. All RAL colors and 10 different varnish types are available. Our supplier is REMMERS.

The wooden frames of V.Vasilatos ABETE. have the following advantages:

  • Smooth colored surface of equal thickness.
  • Resistance to UV radiation.
  • No peeling over time.
  • Simple infrequent maintenance with a preservative kit.

Technical Features

Window Glass Pane

  • Frame and chassis section is 68X85mm.
  • “MACO” mechanisms are used for open and tilt.
  • Double glazing of 5 -17- 4 and double shields are used.
  • Other types after agreement.
  • “DEVENTER” rubber shields are use in  the chassis and frame accordingly.
  • Aluminum water drainage for the window an balcony door is used.


  • Frame 75X60mm with grove so the shutter and the frame are on the same line.
  • Shutter section 82X43mm.
  • Sectional Grille 10X45mm.
  • Panels are from marine plywood 20mm veneered.

External Door

  • Traditional type with an opening glass window incorporated.
  • Many different designs are available.
  • Frame 68X85mm, with additional wood of 82X50 mm.
  • Door moving frame 68X150mm.
  • Multiple hinges safety lock by “MACO”.
  • “DEVENTER” rubber shields are in the chassis and frame.
  • Panels are solid or semi-solid, veneered.


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